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Technology Resources
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Technology Resources
The modern technology infrastructure of the FLTC features multimedia-instructional computer labs, a faculty development lab, a professional Recording Studio and an Editing Suite with digital media production capabilities, audio-video libraries, international satellite television services, and a technical support department. The five technology-based classrooms support up to 400 simultaneous student users. A large assortment of mobile, and immobile, audio /visual equipment that can be used for instructional purposes is housed at the FLTC. Equipped with a dedicated Media Server, the FLTC supports the streaming of audio/video material used frequently for instructional purposes. Additionally, it also has a Podcasting server which can be used by language faculty for producing instructional Podcasts.
Foreign Language Technology Center, Wayne State University, 385 Manoogian Hall - 906 W. Warren - Detroit, MI 48202, Tel: (313) 577-3022, Fax: (313) 577-3041
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