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2015 FLTC Mini-Grant Recipients

This year the FLTC has funded two projects that involve the creation of fully online courses and/or the creation of online learning modules. The projects incorporate the use of latest technologies into existing foreign language, literature and culture courses to achieve specific learning objectives. A description of the 2015 funded projects as stated by the grant recipients follows:


Introducing Online Testing from the Beginning by Silvia Georgini-Althoen, Lecturer & Coordinator Basic Italian Language Course, Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

The goal of this mini-grant is to introduce online testing from the very first

semester of Italian, at the 1010 level. In 2011 and 2012, I was awarded a mini-grant to move our paper tests and exams for ITA 2010 and 1020 into an online environment. This was a hugely successful project and both students and instructors have been extremely happy. Since then, our students have been taking online exams, and they absolutely like them. I believed then, and am even more certain now, that online testing has several advantages for both the students and for the instructors:

      *  Easier for students to type rather than write
      *  Easier for instructors to grade
      *  Offers personalized and immediate feedback
      *  Faster grading turn-around time for instructors and students
      *  Allows for including speaking skills in a test environment
      *  Saves money (up to $1,000 in paper costs) and saves paper
      *  Ensures that students are meeting university goal of graduating with computer literacy.

Online testing also has an important benefit for the class coordinator: make sure that we test and assess all four basic skills: listening, writing, reading and speaking. Thanks to the use of Audacity I was able to insert questions within Blackboard and students could record their replies and upload them in their exam.  As the Italian coordinator, I am responsible for 10-12 courses and 6 teachers.  Our goal is to place all of our courses in the online format, and this mini-grant will help us to accomplish it.

Creating Fully Online Course Materials for Listening Japanese, JPN2110, by Rie Masuda, Lecturer, Asian Studies, Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

This project is designed to create fully online course and the course materials for students Listening Japanese (JPN2110). The online course will be created on blackboard and will be available for distant learners in spring-summer 2016. It will be based on the selected media materials, and it will consist of video recorded lectures, assignments, cultural readings, and practice tests for grammar and vocabulary. 

For more information about the FLTC mini-grants and past recipients go to: http://www.langlab.wayne.edu/new-fltc/html-files/fltc-grants2.htm
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