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Technology Resources
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Mobile Audio/Visual Equipment

The FLTC houses a vast array of equipment available for check-out, including Mobile Laptop Carts, LCD projectors, Document camera, VHS/DVD/CD players, Handheld Digital Recorders, Cameras, and Tvs. It also has several immobile digital equipment units such as Digital Slide Scanners, Document scanner, duplication units and a Plasma Screen.
16 Laptop - PC Cart
 19 Laptop -Macintosh Cart
DELL Latitude D-510 - WiFi
Mac Book Pro 15"- WiFi 
Document Camera (ELMO) Cart
Video Cart - LCD with DVD/VHS combo
LCD Cart
Slide Scanner
Studio Mixers
CD Player / Boombox
Digital Camera
Wireless Mic
iPod Touch
HDD Camcorder
Studio Lights
Cassette Recorder
Mini DV camcorder
PA system
Mac Book Air Laptop
Tablet PC
iPod with Italk
Portable Mini Projector
PA system & Wireless Mic
Edirol Digital Recorder
Conference Call Phone
Dell Laptop
Short Throw Projector Webcam  
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